Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sentinel

The Sentinel is a re-working of the Red Cross of Central New Jersey's newsletter. I had to recreate an entire full-page news letter using the same articles but a new design. The title had to be changed as well. I chose the Sentinel for the title because sentinels are overseers who protect people and see all. The I in Sentinel is a lighthouse with the red cross for the light. A wave at the bottom of the T helps to integrate the lighthouse into the word. Only two colors were allowed for economical purposes and the gentle curve seen at the bottom of the header is integrated throughout the entire newsletter.
This is the front page of the newsletter, showing the layout setup for would-be future publications. I will not include the rest of the pages of this newsletter in the name of saving space and time. The entire newsletter was done in Quark Express, although it could have been done much faster and with fewer problems in Indesign. I included my alternate logos and headers to show the process I went through to come up with the perfect final product.

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