Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NASP Finalist

NASP is the North East Atlantic Sports Psychology program. Temple University issued a logo contest for this organization. My logo was a finalist.
The specifications of the contest stated that the logo should exhibit athletes in motion, the mind-body connection, or a creative use of the letters. My logo is a creative use of the letters, NASP. The N and A are in a slightly slanted font with some rounded, soft edges. The S and P combine to form an athelete's head looking up, an arrow pointing upwards inside the mind, representing mind over matter or mind over body. The P can be seen as the head or in the inverse space created by the head and the arrow. The collors used represent enthusiasm, energy and happiness (orange), and health and sports (green).

Vita Cubz

Vita Cubz is a fictional children's multivitamin. This project started with the incentive to create an over the counter medicine. 30 sketches, 7 computer versions and plenty of revisions later, here are the 5 finals.