Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NASP Finalist

NASP is the North East Atlantic Sports Psychology program. Temple University issued a logo contest for this organization. My logo was a finalist.
The specifications of the contest stated that the logo should exhibit athletes in motion, the mind-body connection, or a creative use of the letters. My logo is a creative use of the letters, NASP. The N and A are in a slightly slanted font with some rounded, soft edges. The S and P combine to form an athelete's head looking up, an arrow pointing upwards inside the mind, representing mind over matter or mind over body. The P can be seen as the head or in the inverse space created by the head and the arrow. The collors used represent enthusiasm, energy and happiness (orange), and health and sports (green).

Vita Cubz

Vita Cubz is a fictional children's multivitamin. This project started with the incentive to create an over the counter medicine. 30 sketches, 7 computer versions and plenty of revisions later, here are the 5 finals.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Flintlock is an imaginary wine company set in the Sonoma Valley of California. This was a web design project as well as a packaging project. The website can be seen as it is now, at www.tcnj.edu/~ondeyka2/flintlock. The website features a constantly changing slideshow header of pictures that I took in Sonoma Valley and incorporated with my imaginary winery. The packaging project was a wine box that fit one wine bottle and opens in a peculiar way. The grey and red sides of the box separate after detatching the velcroe flap to reveal the Merlot bottle. The logo, an F for Flintlock, is itself a flintlock. A flintlock is both a type of pistol and the mechanism on the pistol that ignites the gunpowder, also known as the "hammer." I chose this name because it was one of the only names I could come up with that was not already in use by anyone.

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a restaurant and bar that is a hot spot for new bands to debut their music. This is a real establishment in Central N.J. that was possible looking for a new logo. However, when new management came in, they no longer found it necessary to change their logo, but perhaps in the future they may change their minds. This top one is the logo they, at the time, liked best. The others below are the alternatives. Since the main feel of the place is Jazz, but they also feature bands that are not Jazz, I wanted to incorporate a saxophone with a guitar and have them cross just like the name suggests. This is a place where all kinds of music can cross paths and live in the same space. The top logo has a more classy feel while the others express more energy.


Brigadier is a fictional tea company. I was to create one package that was environmentally friendly, and one that was not. The package to the left is environmentally friendly because it is a bag rather than a box, thusly using less materials. Also, it uses no plastic like the other package does, and it holds more tea bags. The box features a clear acetate window with the logo printed on it so that the wrapped tea bags inside are visible and can add their bright color to the display. I chose a simple logo, a B for Brigadier, and the colors yellow and grey since they go togeather very well and contrast greatly at the same time. I wanted a subdued and expensive feel for the company, so everything is overly simplified yet it still stands out on the shelf.

Vintage Television

The task was to create a new television network and create a collection of logos for it. Vintage Television is my creation. It is a network that shows classic TV shows, Antique Roadshow, and educational history shows. The first logo was inspired the The History Channel logo, but instead of a big H, for history, a V for vintage is used as well as filagree for a classic look rather than The History Channel's feel for the Roman Empire. The second logo uses classic clock hands to form a V. The third combines the V and T to form an hour glass. The fourth utilizes the recognizable structure of a Tiffany lamp for the T in vintage and television. The fifth features a pocket watch for the G in vintage. These logos represent time, classic nature, and antiquity, which expresses what this television network is all about.

Architectural Record

Architectural Record is a real magazine, but my task was to redesign it. I had to produce a title graphic, cover page, main spread, table of contents, letters to the editor page, a special page and the mail-in inserts. For the title, I used a compass for the A and did everything in a blueprint style. I originally was going to use the default blue blueprint paper for the background, but realized there was also black blueprint paper and that the white title would show up better that way. I incorporated the graph lines from the title all throughout the magazine. The blueprint paper style was also incorporated throughout, but for the inside, blue blueprint was used. Here, I show the cover page, the main spread and my alternate title graphics.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel is a re-working of the Red Cross of Central New Jersey's newsletter. I had to recreate an entire full-page news letter using the same articles but a new design. The title had to be changed as well. I chose the Sentinel for the title because sentinels are overseers who protect people and see all. The I in Sentinel is a lighthouse with the red cross for the light. A wave at the bottom of the T helps to integrate the lighthouse into the word. Only two colors were allowed for economical purposes and the gentle curve seen at the bottom of the header is integrated throughout the entire newsletter.
This is the front page of the newsletter, showing the layout setup for would-be future publications. I will not include the rest of the pages of this newsletter in the name of saving space and time. The entire newsletter was done in Quark Express, although it could have been done much faster and with fewer problems in Indesign. I included my alternate logos and headers to show the process I went through to come up with the perfect final product.


Luma is a fictional computer company reminiscent of Apple or Microsoft, and it produces computers that feature translucency. Luma was a group participation although each person came up with their own logos and packaging after our discussions of what the company was about, what the name would be, and a logo making brainstorm. The name Luma was chosen because we wanted to express luminance, light, and bioluminesance. The idea was to have the mascot be a bioluminescant sea creature because they attract prey by using light when there is no light deep in the ocean. I chose to go with a jellyfish while the others went with an anglerfish. I did not want to use such a harsh animal such as the angler fish because I wanted a slick, soft, easy-on-the-eyes logo. Also shown here are some of my other logo ideas in sketch form. We also had to create a bag for the store, a sign and a box for a product. My sign is for the MP3 section, using the same oval shape as seen in the logo ad well as jellyfish tentacles underlining the section name. Each section would be a differant bioluminescent color such as red, orange, or blue. The bag is white with blue string handles and the box is for an MP3 player called The Abyss. The box features a clear front to display the product with a gradient of blue to clear to emphasise the essence of light permeating through darkness.

Remember, Remember

The task was to create a subway sign using less than 20 words from a song or poem to create an image that described those very words. I chose an Olde English poem, written by anonymous, about Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up parliament. This poem was used in the movie, V for Vendetta, which is how I came across it. The title, bleeding, sets the scene, forming the top of the composition. This allowed me to suggest that the barrels are below in a dark basement area. The barrels represent TNT or other explosives, a white wick leading to them, the last letter, a W being the flame which will burn the wick. It took a while to get the words to form the shape of barrels. The composition reads: Three score barrels of powder below to prove old England's overthrow.

Alaskan Bird Stamps

The task was to create a stamp series of whatever I should choose. I chose birds because they are my favorite animals and they look good on everything. I chose to do specifically Alaskan birds since I had photos of my own to work with. I produced these pictures by first tracing over my photos of the birds in the style that I wanted to portray, then I scanned in the tracings and reworked them in Illustrator. I then assigned each a background color and a uniform black bar with each of the birds' names. The stamp sheet used the same sketchy style and uniform black to bring everything together.

Festival of the Arts

The Festival of the Arts was a new event on campus and they needed a logo. These were my two submissions and although they did not win, I am still quite fond of them. Our mascot is a lion, so for the first logo I produced a cubist style lion head complete with ink splatter-enhanced main. The type got the same treatment. My second logo featured a weeping willow with ink splatter pink flowers. Weeping willows with pink flowers are common on campus so I thought it would be a nice reference.

International Typographic Style

The International Typographic Style, or Swiss Style was chosen from a hat and I had to make a magazine layout in this style. I used the minimalistic bars and rules, 90 and 45 degree angles, partial legibility rules, black and white photos, open space, and flush left paragraphs, all synonymous with the style.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Chopok is a fantasy ski equipment company much like K2 or Rossignol. This project involved the creation of an imaginary company, a logo for that company, a letterhead and promotional item. My decision of the name Chopok was influenced by my last name, which is Slovakian. Chopok is a ski resort mountain in Slovakia and it had a certain ring to it. The letterhead reiterates the winding ski trail suggested within the logo as a divider between the business information and writing space. A photo of the mountain is ghosted in the background to make it more interesting than the normal business letter. The promotional item was a brochure containing toe warmers which were branded with the company logo. The front of the brochure featured a clear window the shape of the winding trail in order to show what was inside.