Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Luma is a fictional computer company reminiscent of Apple or Microsoft, and it produces computers that feature translucency. Luma was a group participation although each person came up with their own logos and packaging after our discussions of what the company was about, what the name would be, and a logo making brainstorm. The name Luma was chosen because we wanted to express luminance, light, and bioluminesance. The idea was to have the mascot be a bioluminescant sea creature because they attract prey by using light when there is no light deep in the ocean. I chose to go with a jellyfish while the others went with an anglerfish. I did not want to use such a harsh animal such as the angler fish because I wanted a slick, soft, easy-on-the-eyes logo. Also shown here are some of my other logo ideas in sketch form. We also had to create a bag for the store, a sign and a box for a product. My sign is for the MP3 section, using the same oval shape as seen in the logo ad well as jellyfish tentacles underlining the section name. Each section would be a differant bioluminescent color such as red, orange, or blue. The bag is white with blue string handles and the box is for an MP3 player called The Abyss. The box features a clear front to display the product with a gradient of blue to clear to emphasise the essence of light permeating through darkness.

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