Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Flintlock is an imaginary wine company set in the Sonoma Valley of California. This was a web design project as well as a packaging project. The website can be seen as it is now, at The website features a constantly changing slideshow header of pictures that I took in Sonoma Valley and incorporated with my imaginary winery. The packaging project was a wine box that fit one wine bottle and opens in a peculiar way. The grey and red sides of the box separate after detatching the velcroe flap to reveal the Merlot bottle. The logo, an F for Flintlock, is itself a flintlock. A flintlock is both a type of pistol and the mechanism on the pistol that ignites the gunpowder, also known as the "hammer." I chose this name because it was one of the only names I could come up with that was not already in use by anyone.

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